Distinguished Lecture Series: Material Tailoring for Lightweight and Morphing Structures - the shapes of things to come!

10 December 2014, 4.00 PM - 10 December 2014, 4.00 PM

Venue: QB 1.18, First Floor, Queens Building. Speaker: Professor Paul Weaver
Simply put, a structure should resist loads without failing. 

For structures that contain humans, i.e. houses, cars, aeroplanes etc., they do not stretch (or deform) a great deal (thankfully!) and those that are required to move around should be lightweight to keep fuel costs down e.g. aeroplanes and superlightweight to overcome gravity (e.g. rockets, spacecraft).

This lecture explores the possibility of using unusual properties of materials with some additional nonlinear geometric behaviour to either reduce mass  or to achieve a significant shape change (morphing) of a structure. Examples are drawn from bicycles, aeroplanes, helicopters, rockets, wind turbine blades, my Ferrari (I wish!) and nature.

This lecture will be in the QB1.18 Lecture Theatre at 4pm followed by pizza and beer in the PLT Foyer.

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