Royal Aeronautical Society Lecture

22 October 2014, 6.30 PM - 22 October 2014, 6.30 PM

Venue: Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queen's Building Speaker: Professor Carlos Cesnik, University of Michigan, IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor

X-Hale: A very flexible UAV for nonlinear aeroelastic tests

Large-span aircraft configurations become dominant when designing for high fuel efficiency and/or high endurance flights, and these designs often exhibit large wing deformations. This talk will highlight some of efforts at the University of Michigan to better understand the impact of nonlinear aeroelastics on the characteristics of these flexible vehicles, notably the X-HALE experimental program that has been ongoing to evaluate some of these unusual aircraft behavior in-flight. This plane is representative of a very flexible HALE (high-altitude, long-endurance) type aircraft and demonstrates unusual aeroelastic features (e.g., coupled rigid/elastic body instability, large wing deflection during gust, etc.). This talk will describe the vehicle design, construction, the series of development flights and its current status.

6.30pm – 22nd October 2014

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