Spherical Displays for Public Spaces

12 September 2014, 10.30 AM - 12 September 2014, 10.30 AM

Venue: MVB 1.06, Merchant Venturers Building, Woodland Road. Speaker: Dr. Julie R. Williamson, SICSA Fellow, Glasgow University

Spherical touch-sensitive displays create new opportunities for social interaction in public spaces. The shape of a spherical display allows users to face each other during interaction. There is no intrinsically defined front or centre of the display, and displays can be placed in the centre of a flow of pedestrian traffic. This talk will explore the possibilities for spherical displays in two divergent contexts; as an information display and as a digital interactive art installation. Through these two public deployments, the talk will discuss the motivation for bringing spherical displays to public spaces, the challenges for evaluating displays in public spaces, methods for combining qualitative and quantitative data, and the exciting implications of non-planar surfaces for social interaction.

For more information on Dr. Julie R. Williamson please visit the link.

Further details: http://big.cs.bris.ac.uk/seminars/.

All are welcome and no registration required.

Organised by the Bristol Interactions and Graphics group

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