Action Research with schools

11 June 2014, 5.00 PM - 11 June 2014, 5.00 PM

Venue: 4.10, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA.

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Action Research’ is currently being encouraged in schools as a means for staff to research their own practice and use their findings to facilitate improvements in pupil achievement. Staff at the Graduate School of Education have a long history of  collaborating with teachers on action research projects.

In this brief introduction, we will present examples of such research, giving an international perspective, and discussing the ways in which we can work alongside teachers in local schools on their own action research projects.

Teachers are always busy, overworked and being pulled in multiple directions. Building strong relationships with teachers needs to be the starting point for any successful research project involving schools. The researcher must also show what they can offer to the relationship so it is a two way street, and must always be reliable, and the researcher also has pressures of meeting ethics requirements from multiple organisations and fitting in with stringent regulations. This can sometimes add complexity to the relationship building. Nevertheless the results of collaborative research can bring enormous benefits to all those involved.

For further information, including abstracts and list of speakers, please visit the link.

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