Managing Attention in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

7 April 2014, 11.00 AM - 7 April 2014, 11.00 AM

Speaker: Prof. Antonio Krueger, DFKI, Germany Venue: MVB 3.22 (CAT Room)
Within the Ubiquitous Computing paradigm the management of attention plays an important role, i.e. given that users have to interact with potentially many devices, that may compete for the user's attention. Designing for the capabilities and limitations of human attention seem to be crucial for effective and pleasant interfaces. Surprisingly there has not been too much work so far addressing this problem specifically. In my talk, I will report on our ongoing and increasing (and thus not so mature) activities to include issues of human attention in mobile and ubiquitous systems. I will provide examples from our research on "interruptions on mobiles", "interaction with large screens and media facades", and "managing attention in situated interaction".

For more information on Professor Antonio Krueger please visit the link.

Organised by the Bristol Interactions and Graphics group


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