The Cool Ice Pig

30 April 2014, 4.00 PM - 30 April 2014, 4.00 PM

Distinguished Lecture Series. Speaker: Professor Joe Quarini. Venue: Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building

A lecture in the Distinguished Lecture Series

The story of the ice pig is a simple one; it starts with the perceived needs of industry, learns a few lessons from nature and arrives at a viable engineering offering. The story is not finished, it continues in the multitude of applications which constantly present themselves and in the surprising underlying physics which controls the unique the rheology of ice slurries.

We have made significant advances in the application of the technology in the water industry where it is rapidly being adopted throughout the world as the potable pipe cleaning method of choice. Other potential uses for the technology will be presented. These vary from medical applications to cleaning up nuclear wastes. Indeed, the real limitation for the ice pig is our imagination.

Pizza and beer will be available after the lecture in the Puglsey Lecture Theatre Foyer


Cool Ice Pig Cool Ice Pig 2

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