David Blockley Lecture in Systems Presents Prof. Tetsuo Tomiyama

10 September 2013, 5.30 PM - 10 September 2013, 5.30 PM

David Blockley Lecture in Systems Presents Prof. Tetsuo Tomiyama

Tetsuo Tomiyama, Professor of Life Cycle Engineering, Cranfield University, will give the next David Blockley Lecture in Systems.

Title: 'Development of Complex Engineered Products'

10th September 2013,


Small Lecture Theatre, Queens Building, BS8 1TR

This is a public lecture, no registration is required


Increasing complexity of modern products and systems results from "multiple X", in which X stands for, e.g., disciplines, stakeholders, and goals to satisfy at the same time. Among others, multi-disciplinarity is the fundamental key to understand complexity. For instance, nowadays automobiles are not any more pure “mechanical machines”, because of rapid electrification as well as digital control principles such as “drive by wire”, “brake by wire”, and “steer by wire”. In developing such complex multi-disciplinary products, systems thinking is more important than component-oriented mono-disciplinary approaches. Systems thinking is often neglected or given only a minor role in product development, as the whole engineering is dominated by the reductionistic view that values more components than the system.

In this talk, I would like to emphasise that "architecture" can potentially play a crucial role and overarch such concepts as function, behaviour, states and structure, that are all relevant to systems description. While the concept of architecture is often used in the context of modularity, product family, etc., in this talk I would like to define the concept of systems architecture as an integration framework that facilitates cross-disciplinary communication and mutual understanding, which are essential to better product development.


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