'Better than being there – being there better, how technology is shaping the future of media

28 October 2013, 6.00 PM - 28 October 2013, 6.00 PM

Venue: Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building. Speaker: Matthew Postgate, Controller, BBC R&D
Matthew Postgate is the Controller of Research & Development at BBC and is in the heart of the corporation’s strategic technology development.

Historically the BBC has led or been involved with many of the advances that have shaped our media landscape.  It has embraced these changes within its enduring mission to Inform, Educate and Entertain.  It is now actively working with emerging technologies to bring ever increasing realism in the images it presents, to give the audience greater control over those images and to augment them to present an experience that is beyond reality.

Matthew will take you on a journey from early crackly, TV screens to the wide screen ultra-high definition smart TVs in your living room today.  Then, using examples from the current work of the BBC R&D, he will lead you to a future of multiple screens, deep immersion and explore what that means for us as individuals and as a society.

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