Rolls Royce Systems Engineering Lectures (1)

11 October 2013, 1.00 PM - 11 October 2013, 1.00 PM

Lecture Theatre 1.15, Queen's Building

Systems Engineering, what and why?

Richard Beasley, Global Chief of Systems Engineering, Rolls-Royce

  • Friday 11 October, 1-2pm
  • Lecture Theatre 1.15, Queen's Building

The first lecture (“Systems Engineering, what and why?”) will describe the compelling case for using Systems Engineering, together with an explanation of what the Systems Engineering approach is.

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Creating engineering solutions is hard and challenging. All too often engineered solutions do not meet customer/stakeholder expectations, and engineering projects suffer from extensive rework, run late and overspend. This is due to the difficult and increasing complex nature of the products we attempt to engineer. An approach to engineering is needed that identifies and understands issues as early as possible. In a series of 3 lectures, experts from Rolls-Royce will describe Systems Engineering, a holistic approach to engineering projects that addresses the root causes of rework and, integrated with existing detailed engineering analysis and design methods, creates a much greater probability of success.

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