EPSRC CommNet Summer School 2013

14 June 2013, 9.00 AM - 14 June 2013, 9.00 AM

The 2013 CommNet summer school hosted by the University of Bristol will offer hands-on training in the use and application of both Software and Hardware tools in the pursuit of research in the field of RF communication systems.

The course will be delivered by both academic and industrial experts from the sector, and will include several key notes from industrial leaders highlighting the commercial and regulatory drivers relevant to PhD research in the field. The key note speeches and the conference dinner will be co-hosted with the EPSRC network UNISON, allowing researchers from the wireless and wired disciplines an opportunity to network and discuss their research.

Outline Programme:

  • Welcome, research opportunities for PhD researchers in Wireless, local arrangements. Host Professor Mark Beach
  • Wideband Spatial Channel Prediction Methods, including use of Bristol’s Indoor ray tracing tool. Instructor Professor Andrew Nix
  • Antenna characterisation, definition of terminology and laboratory based measurement activity. Instructor Dr Geoff Hilton
  • Hands-on training with NI’s LabView and modem design using USRPs. Instructor Ben Lavasani
  • RF sub-system and device characterisation, including use of commercial instrumentation
  • RF design and system level prediction and parameter optimisation using commercially available software tools
  • Design and optimisation of Protocols in wireless networks, including use of mVCE sim. Instructor Professor Tim O’Farrell
  • Delegate poster session to share the academic research landscape in the UK

This is open to all UK PhD students and PDRAs but at the moment a limited number of available places are on offer to various institutions.To join the waiting list please email Nicola Ferguson (Nicola.Ferguson@ed.ac.uk) and include a 1 page brief on your current research activities and a short case why you should be invited to participate in this summer school.

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