Recent advances in controllability analysis of complex networks

25 July 2013, 5.30 PM - 25 July 2013, 5.30 PM

Venue: Pugsley Theatre, Queens Building, University Walk, BS8 1TR Speaker: Professor Guanrong (Ron) Chen

This talk addresses some new issues and challenges faced by the conventional control theory in a complex dynamical network environment. After introducing the network science background, it discusses some research problems regarding pinning control of complex dynamical networks and pinning controllability of directed networks. It will show that the coupling structure of a network is essential; therefore, how to utilize the topological features of the network to benefit control is ultimately important. This raises some interesting and yet challenging technical questions for control theory and practice under the framework of interconnected complex dynamical systems.

For a biography and further event details including registration please visit the Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences Event

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