Taming Complexity: Perspectives, Methodologies and Open Problems

27 June 2013, 5.30 PM - 27 June 2013, 5.30 PM

Venue: Pugsley Theatre, Queens Building, University Walk, BS8 1TR Speaker: Professor Guanrong (Ron) Chen

This talk addresses the issue of structured complexity in general, and nonlinear network dynamics in particular. In this era of big data, large networks and supercomputing power, complexity can be described by large-scale structured data, for which network science provides a quantitative approach. This brings new theories and methodologies into the traditional mathematical modeling and analysis of complexity, leading to a recent encouraging progress in the field. Using networked chaotic systems as example for illustration, this talk will present some new network-science perspectives and graph-theoretic methodologies, concluding with a few challenging open problems for future research.

For a biography and further event details including registration please visit the Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences Event

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