Distributed Compliance Structures for Morphing

21 May 2013, 1.00 PM - 21 May 2013, 1.00 PM

Venue: Pugsley Lecture Theatre, 1.40 Queens Building, University Walk. Speaker: Andres Arrieta, Team Leader, Compliant Systems Group Centre of Structure Technologies (ST), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ)

The challenge of closely coupling different functions of a system is exemplified by the design problem posed to achieve morphing structures.

To solve the conflicting requirements of load carrying capabilities while maintaining sufficient directional compliance for attaining desired conformal shape deformations, a concurrent effort interconnecting several disciplines is required. The use of distributed compliance structures allows for combining the directional structural stiffness and compliance in order to fulfil the conflicting requirements of morphing. In addition, variable stiffness components can be embedded in distributed compliance structures augmenting the space of achievable deformations.

Furthermore, distributed actuators that closely couple to certain deformation to maximising their effectiveness can be readily embedded within distributed compliance structure. In this talk, examples in of distributed compliance structures for morphing are presented. In particular, the design and optimisation of 3-D morphing wings is presented. The obtained designs address two key issues in morphing:

  • Concurrent aero-structural multi-objective optimisation resulting in optimum performance for mission profiles
  • Concurrent aero-structural optimisation comparing the aerodynamic performance and weight of a morphing wing with a similar conventional design

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