Engineering Design Informatics: Current Status and Future Challenges

15 January 2013, 1.00 PM - 15 January 2013, 1.00 PM

Venue: QB1.15. Speaker: Chris McMahon, Mechanical Engineering.
Queens School Lunchtime Seminar:

Engineering design is the process of conceiving, defining and documenting engineering products and systems, and engineering design informatics is the use of digital information systems and structures to support the practice of engineering design.  It involves the use of digital objects for the modelling of artefact characteristics and for evaluation of their properties, using for example product information and process models and tools for design automation, rationale capture and decision support.

This presentation will give an overview of engineering design informatics and some of its recent achievements and will present some thoughts on future research challenges in the domain.

Lunch: Sandwiches will be available afterwards in the PLT foyer.

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