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Meet our new academic staff at the School of Economics

8 November 2023

Starting a new chapter in your academic career can be both thrilling and challenging. As we welcome both new students and staff to the School this term, here are five academics who have chosen the University of Bristol as their home.

Alessia Testa

Previous employer: University of Portsmouth

Alessia Testa comes to University of Bristol having previously worked at the University of Portsmouth. Her research interests lie in economic theory, specifically focusing on market microstructure and economics of information.

Alessia Testa is excited to join the University of Bristol because it offers a research-active environment. She is teaching the Economics module (EFIMM0108) this term.

Gizem Kutlu

Previous position: Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at the University of Virginia

Gizem Kutlu is an addition to the School with a strong background in international economics. Her research interests include international macroeconomics, international trade, and computational economics.

Gizem recently completed her PhD in Economics at the University of Virginia and is excited to join the School of Economics.

Gizem is teaching Macroeconomics (ECONM1010) and Intermediate Macroeconomics (EFIM20034) and will soon be teaching a course in TB2 (Public Finance and Monetary Policy – EFIMM0099) with Pawel Doligalski.#

Changhwa Lee

‌Previous position: Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Rochester

Changhwa Lee is an expert in microeconomic theory, industrial organisation, and algorithmic fairness.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Sogang University and his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.

Find out more about Changhwa, his research interests and his working papers on his personal website.

Monika Avila Marquez

Previous position: Postdoctoral researcher in Statistics at the Department of Methods and Data Analysis, FPSE, University of Geneva

Monika Avila Marquez’s research focuses on panel data econometrics, machine learning to estimate econometric models, and mixed effects models. Her interest in econometrics lies in identifying and consistently estimating different quantities of interest using available data.

Monika holds an MSc in Economics and a PhD in Econometrics from the University of Geneva.

On joining the University of Bristol, Monika said: ‘I am excited to join the School of Economics and, in particular, the Econometrics Research Group. The School has excellent econometric research with a stimulating research environment.’

She also highlighted the positive working environment, saying, ‘The working environment is very nice. There are social activities, and my colleagues were very supportive during my move to Bristol.’

Monika will be in charge of the workshops for the class Mathematics for Economics and Finance.

Find out more about Monika, his research interests and his working papers on her personal website.

Dr. Lars Nesheim

Before joining Bristol, Lars Nesheim was a Professor of Economics at University College London (UCL) and is Co-Director of the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (CEMMAP).

Dr. Lars Nesheim has an illustrious academic background. Before joining the University of Bristol, he was a Professor of Economics at UCL and a Co-Director of the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice.

His research interests span structural econometrics, computational economics, industrial organisation, urban economics, economic dynamics, and hedonic models.

Dr. Nesheim teaches courses in industrial organisation, econometrics, and urban economics. You can find more about his research on the IDEAS website.

Further information

We look forward to seeing the innovative research and teaching contributions our new academic staff will bring to the School.

If you are interested in joining us, please see our current academic vacancies.

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