Lara Gunes, BSc Economics

Corporate Coverage Associate, Deutsche Bank.

What’s your career path been since you graduated from Bristol?

I went straight into Deutsche Bank’s graduate program, working on a relationship management team that focuses on the financing and treasury-related needs of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (such as FinTechs, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers). I continue in the same role, 4 years on!

How did your degree help get you to where you are now? 

Many of the skills developed during my degree I still use now, e.g. analysing data, presenting data in an appealing way and being able to summarise large bodies of text in just a few sentences.

Did you make use of any of the careers support (careers service/PLN/personal tutoring) whilst at the University?

Yes, I used the Careers Service for advice on my CV and attended several networking events with banks/ finance companies.

What did you enjoy most about studying your subject at the University of Bristol?

The breadth of topics offered; the sheer number of modules we had to choose from catered for many needs/ preferences, ranging from international macroeconomics topics, to capital markets and finance topics. 

What did you enjoy most about living in the city of Bristol?

The fact that Bristol is a young, vibrant city, that consistently offered something to do - be that Arts/ Music/ Sport/ Culture etc.  

What 3 key pieces of advice would you give to current students?

Make use of the services/ resources UoB offer to help you transition into working/ postgraduate life, make the most of the extracurricular activities UoB has to offer, and most importantly, enjoy what you will look back on as some of the best years of your life!


Lara Gunes, BSc Economics 2016 Graduate
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