Alexander Trigg, MSc Economics and Public Policy

Co-Founder, Bayne Ice Cream.

What’s your career path been since you graduated from Bristol?

I joined Diageo’s Graduate Programme in Germany. I worked for a year in Customer Marketing, activating ready-to-drink (RTD) cans and other product innovations. I was then given the chance to move into consumer marketing in Madrid, Spain. I worked various roles as Assistant Brand Manager and then later as Shopper Brand Manager, starting with Zacapa (a very premium Guatemalan Rum), Johnnie Walker and J&B Whisky. Shopper marketing includes all types of marketing material that you would see in a bar, supermarket, or at a festival. Consumer marketing more typically involves a screen and working with a creative agency to create ads.  

16 months ago, I decided to start my own firm after I took a short break to care for a family member. I launched Bayne Ice Cream together with my brother.  

What’s your job now?

I co-founded my own company, Bayne Ice Cream. At Bayne we decided to create cocktails and wine into sorbets, to cater to a more adult palate. We specialize in creating everyone’ favourite drinks into ice cream, we produce 4 premium alcoholic desserts that we currently sell in over 70 supermarkets in Germany. 

At a startup everyone does everything, I specifically lead packaging, marketing, logistics and customer support. It means I rarely get bored. 

How did your degree help get you to where you are now?

First, Bristol’s reputation for being a top university put me on Diageo’s and other employers’ radar. The toughest step is being noticed from thousands of applicants and an MSc from Bristol helped tremendously. 

Studying Economics at Bristol helped my analytical skills which especially as I was looking for sales and marketing roles were greatly appreciated. In both roles you need to be robust with numbers and make decisions digesting a lot of information.  

Did you make use of any of the careers support (careers service/PLN/personal tutoring) whilst at the University? 

I did and careers service was very forthcoming when it came to updating my CV and ensuring it was kept to two pages, I started off with four. I was also made aware of the Bristol Plus Award at careers support and how to make the most of my volunteering during my studies. 

If so, which services did you use and how did they help you on your journey?

Careers service and job adverts board, the specific name escapes me. The job adverts board is where I found the Diageo Graduate Programme being advertised. For anyone unaware it is a site where employers can post their job offers to students at Bristol University. 

What did you enjoy most about studying your subject at the University of Bristol? 

I found all the subjects on Public Policy fascinating and how we use Economics to make more informed decisions. As with nearly everything it isn’t an exact science, but it opened my eyes to what tools where being used to make decisions regarding complex government projects. 

I went to several research presentations, papers that PhD students or professors were working on. It was fascinating to see the detail and time with which researchers dedicated themselves to answering some heavy public policy questions. It also helped me realise I did not want to continue studying a PhD, it wasn’t the intended purpose but for anyone doubting the best thing is to talk to someone who is already working on their PhD. 

What did you enjoy most about living in the city of Bristol?

My fellow students, it is a tired cliché, but I got to make some great international friends during my time at Bristol. Thanks to them I have celebrated a Thai Wedding, ate delicious Bangladeshi food, and developed an appreciation for good vodka, yes it does exist, due to the people I met on my course. 

Regarding the city itself, I will not miss cycling uphill, but being close to water makes a real difference in the summer. 

What 3 key pieces of advice would you give to current students?

Get some work experience. I had worked for nearly a year at a management consultancy before deciding to do an MSc at Bristol. You will get more out of the experience and be able to understand better how your studies can help your future employer. 

Get to know students outside of your social circle. My three best friends while studying were Thai, Bangladeshi, and Ukrainian / Lebanese, you never get to meet such a diverse set of people other than when you are at university.  

Volunteer, you will not find much time once you start a full-time job. It is fun if you believe in the project and I believe it was what set my CV apart from many others who had a similar skill set and grades. It is a huge bonus to have that extra experience because employers are always looking for real life examples to demonstrate your talents.

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