The team-working, quantitative, applied and problem-solving skills acquired across our programmes prepare graduates for the future and are all rated highly by employers and other academic institutions.

The course was a fantastic mix of theoretical - with technical problems and research projects - and practicals, that allowed us to directly apply our knowledge and not be enclosed by a screen...All these factors I strongly believe contributed to my current career.

Courtney Jiskoot (MSci Geology with Study Abroad)

Meet our alumni

No matter where your career takes you, our curriculum is designed to develop the attitudes and aptitudes required for you to succeed and to be effective in the workplace. Equipped with a mix of scientific, technical and transferable skills our graduates have gone on to found companies, shape government policy, run laboratories, become the face of science in media and are known as world leaders in research. 


Our graduates are highly sought after by the following industries: 

  • Geotechnical engineering  
  • Environmental consultancy 
  • Sustainability 
  • Mineral and petroleum exploration 

There is always a need for geoscientists in civil engineering projects and in the water resources industry, and with the increasing awareness of the importance of the environment, geoscientists are increasingly being employed in the fields of nature conservancy, waste disposal, pollution and environmental planning. 

Media and education 

The expanding media and science communication sector seeks enthusiastic graduates, who start out to develop their career in television and film making (BBC, Channel 4 and many independent film makers are based in Bristol), publishing and science education in the museum and schools.


Many large-scale employers visit Bristol each year to secure significant numbers of science graduates from across the discipline; a degree from Bristol is considered ideal for a career in banking, consultancy, business and commerce. 

Governancand policy  

Geoscientists are essential to the development of public policy in a wide range of independent and governmental organisations, charities, professional bodies and societies, and in the private sector. 


Many of our graduates successfully secure a place on a post graduate degree programme to pursue a successful academic career. 

Skill sets and employability 

Students develop a mix of scientific and technical skills including coding, modelling, lab skills, mapping, microscopy and data analysis, as well as transferable skills such as report writing, presenting, communicating, creativity and resilience.  

Our lunchtime talks with recent graduates, industry and academic speakers are a great opportunity to build a wider professional network and discuss career opportunities. 

Career guidance

Advice on careers in Earth science and further degrees is provided by tutors and individual members of staff in their particular discipline, as well as by the University's Careers Service. Find out more about how you can receive guidance, sign up for internship and job experience opportunities, and attend networking events.

Did you know?

Within six months of graduation, 70% of Bristol's Earth Science graduates who have chosen to go into employment are are in graduate-level jobs. (Source: Unistats)

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