Funding tips

Some suggestions for when you’re exploring funding for a postgraduate research degree.

Get in touch with staff

Often the best place to start when exploring funding options is to get in touch with staff working within your area of research interest and see what options exist.

Search within faculties and schools

Faculty and school websites often provide a list of studentships that are available throughout the year.

Scholarships for University of Bristol Alumni

If you’ve previously studied at the University of Bristol (as an Undergraduate or Master's student), you could benefit from a 10 percent reduction in tuition fees.

Search the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

This comprehensive resource provides contact information for a wide range of charities and organisations that offer grants for postgraduate study.

Check the FindaPhD blog

A useful blog which regularly covers PhD funding topics with information on specific sources of support as well as guides on writing a winning PhD application and updates on new funding developments.

And finally...

...remember that you will need to secure the majority of your funding before starting your postgraduate research degree. Make sure you do your research early and explore all the options that might work for you.

Please note that studentships and some other PhD funding schemes involve applying directly for advertised projects, while others require you to develop a research proposal alongside a supervisory team. Make sure you read the eligibility criteria thoroughly and note the closing deadline.

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