Programme structure

Our vision is two-fold: to deliver highly-skilled people to industry and to develop the next generation of multifunctional composite materials.

Our four-year PhD programme comprises a one-year innovative taught component and a three-year research project. The taught component will fast-track graduates with science and mathematics backgrounds to acquire core engineering skills, while engineering graduates will broaden their scientific knowledge before specialising in industrial application.

For more information regarding the units undertaken as part of the integrated taught component please refer to the University's programme catalogue.

The taught component involves attending a number of lecture courses and associated lab classes, significant self-teaching in small groups, a seminar series, and a group Design, Build & Test (DBT) assignment. Students then complete a three month individual research project before starting their PhD project.

The first year consists of taught modules which as a non-engineer allowed me time to understand fundamental principles of structures and composites which will help greatly in my PhD.

Beth Russell
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