Working paper 06/145 - Abstract

School and Residential Ethnic Segregation: An Analysis of Variations across England's Local Education Authorities (PDF, file 135 KB) (PDF, 134kB)

Ron Johnston, Simon Burgess, Deborah Wilson and Richard Harris

Schools are central to the goals of a multi-cultural society, but their ability to act as arenas within which meaningful inter-cultural interactions take place depends on the degree to which students from various cultural backgrounds meet there. Using recently-released data on the ethnic composition of both schools and small residential areas, this paper explores not only the extent of ethnic segregation in England's schools but also whether that segregation is greater than the underpinning segregation in the country's residential areas. The results show greater segregation in schools - considerably so for primary schools and more so for some ethnic groups relative to others - than in neighbourhoods, patterns which have considerable implications for educational policy.

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