Working paper 05/120 - Abstract

Is Britain Pulling Apart? Area Disparities in Employment, Education and Crime (PDF, file 195 KB) (PDF, 205kB)

Stephen Gibbons, Anne Green, Paul Gregg and Stephen Machin

 This paper explores the changing extent of concentration worklessness and deprivation in Britains communities over the last twenty years and seeks to identify what shapes patterns of relative affluence and deprivation. The paper goes on to explore the evidence that there are lasting consequences from concentrated deprivation for the residents, including children. The paper address issues of employment, educational outcomes and crime victimisation. Looking at the available evidence from the UK and abroad, the evidence suggests that concentrated deprivation has little effect on employment opportunities, (e.g. moving people to more affluent neighbourhoods would make little difference), has modest effects on childrens educational outcomes and propensity to get involved in deviant behaviours but substantial effects on crime victimisation. The paper then concludes on what policy agendas could be developed to address concentrated deprivation and above all its consequences on residents outcomes.

Published in Pearce, N. and Paxton, W. (eds) IPPR, Politico's, London

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