Working paper 04/106 - Abstract

Neighbourhoods, Households and Income Dynamics: A Semi-Parametric Investigation of Neighbourhood Effects (PDF, file 255 KB) (PDF, 255kB)

Anne Bolster, Simon Burgess, Ron Johnston, Kelvyn Jones, Carol Propper and Rebecca Sarker

Using a unique dataset, we present evidence on income trajectories of people living in micro neighbourhoods. We place bounds on the influence of neighbourhood making as few parametric assumptions as possible. The paper offers a number of advances. We exploit a dataset that is large, representative, longitudinal with very local neighbourhoods. We analyse income growth over one, five- and ten-year windows. We analyse the whole distribution of income growth and track large gainers and losers as well as average outcomes. We consider the appropriate definition of neighbourhood. We find little evidence of a negative relationship between neighbourhood and subsequent income growth.

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