Social Networks

Social networks are pervasive in our daily activities, but the study of such networks has only recently started to affect how we think of economic behaviour and the dynamic processes in society and economies. This research agenda can provide insights into the importance of collective behaviour and norms for economic outcomes and therefore on the growth of the economy.

Funding was awarded to the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) by the Leverhulme Trust for the period Sept 2006- Aug 2010 for a particular set of research projects proposed by a group of researchers in the CMPO. Consequently, the research activities funded by this grant are closely interlinked with and complemented by other activities in the CMPO.

Research activities

  1. Network Formation and Evolution
  2. Interconnection, Competition and Overlap of Social Networks
  3. Neighbourhood Networks
  4. Workplace and Industry Networks
  5. Importance of social networks for charitable giving


The economics of social networks 16 - 17 June 2010


People fundraise because they 'want to do more' for charities, 5 November 2010