Detecting early-stage tumours in the bowel

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Cancer research at Bristol is a vibrant cross-disciplinary community which focuses on core strengths in cancer cell biology, genetic and lifecourse epidemiology and health services research. In partnership with Bristol NHS Trusts and the University of West of England (UWE), we aim to accelerate the identification and translation of research into clinical practice for the early detection and treatment of cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide, and with the ageing of the population and changes in lifestyle such as increasing obesity, its incidence is likely to continue to rise. Research in Bristol, lead by internationally recognised experts in the field, is looking to enhance early diagnostics, screening and prevention of a variety of cancers.

The Cancer Research Network is involved in the administration of the University Cancer Research Fund, which supports projects in cancer research. 

Read more about Bristol's research into cancer: Cancer_Research_at_Bristol_Booklet (PDF, 1,051kB)

Cancer research at the University of Bristol

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