News in 2014

  • Clinical Primer Scheme opens doors for veterinary surgeon 22 August 2014 As a veterinary surgeon in a small animal practice, Cath Lewis was seeing cats dying from a virus for which there is currently no effective treatment and no vaccine. EBI funding scheme allowed her to take a break from practice and undertake study into genetic causes of the disease as well as inspiring her to pursue a full-time career in research.
  • National Compound Collection 18 June 2014 A small idea to search and collate chemical compounds in Bristol University’s School of Chemistry could lead to creation of new medicines, materials and agrichemicals, and is now growing to become a national project. Laura Broad and Tim Gallagher explain how this project would not have happened without the support from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute.
  • EBI funding enables researcher to obtain prestigious fellowship 5 June 2014 Simon Collin was recently awarded an NIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship to study chronic fatigue syndrome with a view of making treatments more effective in the long term. Here he explains how EBI funding enabled him to secure this prestigious fellowship.
  • SPHERE: developing technologies to help people live at home independently 1 June 2014 We're all too familiar with the emergence in the 21st century of a complex set of health problems: an ageing population; rising obesity and diabetes; growing numbers of people living alone; shrinking healthcare budgets. But at the same time, there are striking new innovations in electronics and engineering: sophisticated sensors, wireless networks, monitoring software, videoanalytics, data mining. What if these technologies could be harnessed to address those problems?
  • EBI funding gives clinician first step on the academic ladder 8 May 2014 Rebecca Carnegie’s dream to combine her practice of psychiatry with academic research came true thanks to the support from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute.
  • Clinical Primer Scheme enables surgeon to progress cancer research 5 May 2014 An innovative EBI funding scheme designed to give outstanding clinicians the chance to experience a world-class research environment for the first time spurred a surgeon to pursue translation science alongside surgery. John Bunni, a recent recipient, explains how.
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