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Working in Different Ways with ‘Psychosis’

Elizabeth Blackwell Institute team member connecting with an attendee at the Bristol Health Partners Psychosis HIT event

20 September 2023

We were delighted to support the recent Bristol Health Partners’ innovation and exploration event led by the Psychosis Health Integration Team (HIT). The in-person conference, held on 12 September 2023 at Bristol’s M Shed, was titled: ‘Love, Patience and Kindness: Working in Different Ways with ‘Psychosis.’’ The event explored psychological and compassionate approaches to psychosis.

The event opened up discussion about how we can improve services and experience across sectors, with a dialogue between people with experience of psychosis, their families and networks, and those working with them in all kinds of different settings, such as community projects, mental health services, charities, individual therapists.

Rachel Allbless, Bristol Health Partners Joint Chief Operating Officer, said: “The Love, Patience and Kindness conference was a huge success, with more than 150 people attending. We were delighted to welcome speakers working in the NHS, the community and in private practice, alongside people with lived experience of psychosis. Together, they provided much food for thought on the potential for psychological and compassionate approaches to psychosis and ways to improve services and experiences across sectors.”

“Thank you to the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for their support for the event and for helping it to run seamlessly on the day.”

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute supports and collaborates with partners who work to improve how healthcare is delivered. Connections between academics and those working in healthcare allows people to share expertise and discuss how to work together to solve health challenges.

Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Director, Rachael Gooberman-Hill, said: “By supporting events like ‘Love, Patience and Kindness’ and by working with partners in the field we help to form a bridge between University of Bristol researchers and those who work with people who could benefit from healthcare advances.”

She continued: “As a University Research Institute we have a birds-eye view of research across our University’s faculties and schools and we’re always open to requests for help with connections.”

The University of Bristol’s newly refreshed strategy includes a pillar called ‘World-leading research and innovation with local, national and global impact’. Within this pillar we’re working on research that addresses pressing global challenges, and at the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute this includes our focus on equitable and sustainable health. Partnerships and links are key to this endeavour.

Further information

Love, Patience and Kindness: Working in Different Ways with ‘Psychosis’ event was in partnership with the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis UK, and Bristol Hearing Voices Network. Supported by Bristol Health Partners, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board, the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, and ISPS UK.

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