Climate change and health

Climate change is one of the biggest health threats facing humanity. Together with Cabot Institute for the Environment, at the University of Bristol, we are working to improve knowledge of the health impacts of climate change through research.

Our research community brings together experts with different knowledge and skills to address the interwoven areas of climate change and health. 

Why join the Climate Change and Health research community: 

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Once you're a member, you can contribute by:​​​​​

  • Making connections with others working in climate and health to develop interdisciplinary approaches to research
  • Collaborating and strengthening your research funding applications 

Join the Climate Change and Health research community:

More about this community

If you work for the University of Bristol and have an interest in climate change and health, visit our intranet site to find out more about our Climate Change and Health research group. 

Intranet site for UoB staff

Climate change and health films

Watch our series of short films to find out more about our climate change and health research.

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