Education Development Projects

Every year the Bristol Institute of Learning and Teaching (BILT) provides staff with the opportunity to access funding and expert support to deliver an innovative teaching and learning project.  

The projects are aligned with our annual themes and at the end of the year the outcomes are disseminated across the University and beyond.

Projects should aim to support evidence-informed innovation at Bristol, developing excellence in learning, teaching and assessment, and improving the student experience.  We particularly encourage the use of funds to engage students as paid partners in research.

Applications should illustrate the potential to embed and sustain projects, activities and initiatives should the outcomes prove to be of significant Programme, School, Departmental, Faculty or University benefit. Projects which have the potential for cross-disciplinary application are of particular interest.    

Application cycle and process

Please note that applications for 2023-24 are now closed. Details about the application process for 2024-25 will be launched in Summer 2024.


Designing for all - embedding inclusivity

Investigating how we can support the University's principle of embedding inclusivity through how we design assessment across a programme.

Education Development Projects 2023-24

View our brochure of the Education Development Projects for 2023-24.

Designing for all - group assessment

Discovering how group assessment, including projects and dissertations, can be designed to help develop team skills in an inclusive way.

Designing for all - engaging with the AI revolution

Understanding the risks and opportunities presented by AI to maintain fairness and offer ways of improving learning and assessment for all.

International students' experience

Exploring how we can ensure international students thrive in their learning through curriculum design and content, and approaches to teaching and assessment.

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