Current grants

July 2024  

P Hutchinson, A Joannides, M Wilson, J Mytton, V Newcombe, A Helmy, V Pomeroy, M Kotter, S Price, F Aigbirhio, D Rowitch, T Austin, K Walton. £2,999,532. 2024-2029. NIHR HealthTech Research Centre for Brain and Spine Injury (NIHR205305)

March 2024  

Kearley-Shiers K, Burgin J, Pyne Y, Davies A, Pease A. Menopause; Perimenopause, awareness, knowledge and support for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire ICB, Research Capability Funding (RCF): £5,255.34

January 2024  

Carol Joinson, Jenny Ingram, Lucy Beasant, Jo Clothier, Davina Richardson.  Process evaluation of URApp: a digital intervention to support adherence to bladder training in paediatric continence clinics.  MRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), March 2024 - Feb 2025, £57,023 
December 2023
P Hutchinson, A Joannides, M Wilson, J Mytton, V Newcombe, A Helmy, V Pomeroy, M Kotter, S Price, F Aigbirhio, D Rowitch, T Austin, K Walton. £2,999,532. 2024-2029. NIHR HealthTech Research Centre for Brain and Spine Injury (NIHR205305)

September 2023

Wildlife and Water for Wellbeing (3W): Developing blue-green social prescribing activities in Tewkesbury, funded by Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership and Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board, £30k.2023-2024. Jones M, Biddle M, Deave T.

July 2023

KBG Foundation seed fund: $10,000 Adults with KBG Syndrome questionnaire survey Low KJ, Bayat A.
Policy and regulation development for motorcycle taxi safety in Nepal. £44,422. 2023-2024. J Flower, J Mytton, SK Joshi. Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office via the Transport-Technology Research and Innovation for International Development (T-TRIID) High Volume Transport Applied Research programme. (Ref: 101/SE041)

April 2023

Medical Research Council (Confidence in Concept) (top up funding). URApp: a smartphone app to support behaviour modification for the treatment of urinary incontinence in young people. £15,408, Joinson C. May 2023 – April 2024.

January 2023

Is exposure to toxic metals contributing to ethnic and social health inequalities in children and young adults in the UK?  S Shaheen, O Sepai, T Marczylo, A Griffith, S Harding, C Griffith, S Ring, C Taylor, J Holloway, A Waterman, J Wright £863,011MRC Research Grant

December 2022

E van Teijlingen, A Rahman, T Mecrow, Md S Hossain, M Chowdhury, J Mytton, J Powell, AKM Fazlur Rahman, S Willis, N Dutta, K Cha, Y Lim, R Sindall, R Parveen, G Underwood, N Nahar. Drowning Prevention for newly mobile infants under 2 years in Bangladesh. £1,680,262. 2022-2026. NIHR Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation programme. (Ref: NIHR203216)
Goulding NJ, Goudswaard LJ, Hughes DA et al. Inflammation proteomics datasets in the ALSPAC cohort.  Wellcome Open Research 2022, 7:277
The development of a new tool to better identify Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in children. Wren Y, Mawr R, Floccia C, McKean C, Charlton J, Gilroy V, Harding S, Deave T, Gonzales-Gomez N, Reeves V, Payne C. Welsh Government, 2022-2025;  £1,490,758.53. Co-apps: Universities of Cardiff Met, Plymouth, Newcastle, UWE, Oxford Brookes;   Institute of Health Visiting, NHS Bristol, Speech and Language UK.

November 2022

M Buser, E Brannlund, J Mytton, N Holt, L Leeson. AHRC Urgency Follow On: Impact and Engagement award. £80599. Dec 2022-Nov 2023. Arts and Humanities Research Council (Ref: AH/X001628/1).

October 2022

A safe Systems Approach For Enabling TRaffic Injury Prevention in Nepal (SAFETRIP Nepal). J Mytton (PI), SK Joshi, M Peden, R Maharjan, H Tiwari. £2,306,441. 2022-2026. NIHR Global Health Policy and Systems Research programme (Ref: NIHR150089)

May 2022

Improving adolescent mental health by automating and optimising remote treatment using STTAMP: Sleep Tracking & Treatment for Adolescent Mental health Problems. 1.1 million (including clinical PhD funding). 2022 – 2025. Funder Prudence Trust. Esther Crawley (PI), Co-applicants: Lucy Yardley, John Macleod, Ian Nabney

April 2022
Organisational research capability assessment for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the Centre for Injury Prevention Research Bangladesh. Mytton J. March-May 2022. £8199 

March 2022

M Lyttle, Mytton, M Barnes, H McLeod, MT Redanial, J Savovic, L Scott. Evaluation of ICON to prevent instances of Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) in infants. £299,627. Oct 2021-Jul 2023. NIHR Policy Research Programme (Ref NIHR202469)

February 2022

Prudence Trust Early Career Fellowship: £400,000 for adolescent mental health. Crawley ECommencing summer 2022

January 2022
Chakkarapani E & Ingram J (co-PIs) and Beasant L: Process evaluation of embedding the CoolCuddle intervention into neonatal intensive care units. NIHR RfPB; £147,853.​

​Garstang, J., Kenyon, S., Ali, A.M., Pease, A., Routledge, G., Shaw, K., "Improving Parental Engagement in Child Death Review." NIHR RfPB Round 44. 15 months, starts 1.6.2022. £149,928​ 

Lucy Beasant: Elizabeth Blackwell Institute COVID-19 support scheme for early career researchers, £4,286

December 21
Burden, C., Davies, A., Lenguerrand, E., Timlin, L., Kandiyali, R., Douek, I., Sawyer, L., Scott, E. (£257, 832) RECOGNISE” –taRgeted intermittEnt gluCose mOnitoring for the management of GestatioNal dIabeteS mEllitus– A Feasibility Study.

Adam Finn, co-applicant on BBSRC grant on SARS CoV2 bioaerosol work. £700k. CI Jonathan Reid

Adam Finn (PI) et al. Avon Community Acquired Pneumonia Study (Avon CAP): A Pan-pandemic Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Disease Surveillance StudyStudy Order No. 2 - Pfizer Centre of Excellence - 2021 – 8511. Pfizer Inc. £4,033,457 (December 2021 – November 2023) 

November 21
Esther Crawley: Partnership grant with the Prudence Trust: Prevention and Early Intervention of adolescent mental health problems. Lead: Esther Crawley.

October 21
Anna Davies, Investigating issues of low dose aspirin nonadherence in underserved women; £20000. Southmead Hospital Charity

September 2021
Holt N, Buser M, McClymont K, Bushell J, Mytton J, Tran T. Scoping the barriers to, and benefits of, engagement with the visual arts for young people who identify as BAME. £9975. Sept 2021 to July 2022. UWE FET/HAS Connecting Research Grant Scheme.

Adam Finn (PI) et al. Avon Community Acquired Pneumonia Study (Avon CAP): 'A Pan-pandemic Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Disease Surveillance Study’ - Amendment No.1 to Study Order No.1 - 2021 – 2666. Pfizer Inc. £3,158,227 (August 2021 - March 2024)

May 21

Carol Joinson (PI), Heron J, Fraser A, Tilling K, Palmer T, Drake M, Cornish R, Cotterill N, Spray C, Wright A. Medical Research Council. Mental Health and Incontinence. £646,349.  1 Oct 2021 - 30 Jun 2024

M Lyttle, J Mytton, M Barnes, H McLeod, MT Redanial, J Savovic, L Scott. Evaluation of ICON to prevent instances of Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) in infants. £299,627. 2021-2023. NIHR Policy Research Programme (Ref NIHR202469).

April 2021
Anna Davies, Lynch M, Burden C. Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of the stillbirth and neonatal death post-mortem consent process and findings – a qualitative study (£24,990) David Telling Trust

Anna Pease, Jenny Ingram, Peter Blair, Karen Patrick, Peter Fleming. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Competition 42. Preventing Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy: an assessment and planning tool for families at increased risk. 15 Months. £144,616.

March 2021

Tom Allport QR SPF funding from Brigstow Institute, Jenny Ingram sharing PI: Find Your Village: involving children and young people from ethnically diverse backgrounds in improvements to local neighbourhood geography.£7982 

Emma Anderson PI; Co-apps: Amberly Brigden, Anna Davies, Emily Shepherd, Jenny Ingram. Elizabeth Blackwell Institute/ Quality-Related Strategic Priorities Fund (QR SPF), UKRI Research EnglandPregnant in a Pandemic (Pip) Study follow-up: maternal vaccines substudy (01/12/2020 to 30/03/2021) £1000
Horizon 2020 European Research Council PI: Stephan Lewandowski. Consortium partners: University of Bristol (Lead) (UK), University of Erfurt (Germany), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Turku (Finland), Southeastern Health Regional Observatory (France), University of Coimbra (Portugal). UoB Co-apps: Adam Finn, Emma Anderson, Marion Roderick, Harriet Fisher. ‘Playing jiu-jitsu with misinformation in the age of COVID: Using refutation-based learning to enhance vaccine uptake and knowledge among healthcare professionals and the public (JITSUVAX), (01/04/2021-31/03/2024). 3.1 million euros.

February 2021

Roxanne Parslow: Royal United Hospitals Bath Research Capability Funding. Preparation of an RfPB Grant Application. 01/01/2021- 31/07/2021 (£6,744.48).

Jenny Ingram and Lucy Beasant: 2021- 2022 (16 months). FLASH: Implementation of flash glucose monitoring in four paediatric diabetes clinics – before and after study to produce real world evidence of patient benefit. £145,017. NIHR RfPB.. PI R Kandiyali, Jenny Ingram, Lucy Beasant.

Jenny Ingram: 2021 (9 months) CoCCO: Covid-19 Clinician’s Cohort qualitative study. Assessing the needs and treatment preferences of frontline clinicians. £19757. Southmead Hospital Charity. Jo Daniels (Bath), Jenny Ingram, Elaine Wainwright (Bath Spa), Lali Iyadurai, Edd Carlton (NBT).

Esther Crawley: Sanofi: Exploring the prevalence of Pompe’s disease in patients diagnosed with CFS/ME: £550,000

Jean Golding, Kate Northstone, Yasmin Iles-Caven, Carol Joinson, Abigail Fraser & Matthew Suderman (Joint PIs). Religious belief, health and disease: a family perspective. II. The follow-up and analyses.  John Templeton Foundation 61917. £7,986,970.  2021-2026. 
Stevenson Terence PI. Crawley Esther Co-A. Non-hospitalised Children & young people (CYP) with Long Covid (The CLoCk Study). £1.35 million

December 2020 

Emma Anderson (PI), Amberly Brigden, Anna Davies, Jenny Ingram, Emily Shepherd, Adam Finn: Pregnant in a Pandemic (PiP) Study - maternal vaccine attitudes. Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, UoB, with funding from QR SPF (Quality-Related Strategic Priorities Fund), UKRI Research England. (£1,000) Dec 2020-Feb 2021

Cathy Williams (PI) NIHR - Cerebral Visual Impairment in primary school age children: prevalence, impact and effectiveness of support.  £900,000 (2015 – 2020).  Extension award in December for approx. £81k

October 2020

Jenny Ingram: 2020 – 2023: (3 years) ABA-feed: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Assets-based feeding help before and after birth for improving breastfeeding initiation and continuation. £1,787,790. NIHR Public Health Research Programme; CI: Prof Kate Jolly (Birmingham), Jenny Ingram and co-applicants at 5 UK Universities.

Emma Anderson MAternal Vaccination In the NHS (MAVIS) Study: A mixed methods approach to improving antenatal immunisation rates, focusing on pertussis. NIHR doctoral research fellowship. Supervisors: Christie Cabral, Pete Blair, Adam Finn, Jenny Ingram. (£437,103). Jan 2021-Dec 2024   

September 2020
Anna Pease has been granted a 3.5 month extension to her current funding, worth £16,363.

Anderson E.  RCF - ReCLAME  Study - Researching CBT and the Lightning Process for Adolescents with ME/CFS - Preparation of an RfPB Grant Application.  Bath Royal United Hospital 1/09/2020 to 11/09/2020 (£4,840).

August 2020

Finn, A. Avon Community Acquired Pneumonia Study (Avon CAP): A pan-pandemic acute lower respiratory disease surveillance study. Pfizer. (Aug 2020 – Jul 2024) £4,379,596.00. CI

June 2020

Buser M, Brannlund E, Holt N, Mytton J, Penrhyn Jones S, Leeson L. The art of healing in Kashmir; how creative activities can support child wellbeing in areas of conflict. £125,765. 2020-2021. AHRC GCRF Urgency Grant (Ref AH/V004263/1) 

April 2020

Finn. A. LOGIC (Longitudinal study of Covid-19): Symptoms, Virology & Immunity. The Grand Appeal. £58,513 (April 2020 – Dec 2021) CI

March 2020

Emma Anderson (PI), Amberly Brigden, Anna Davies, Jenny Ingram: The Pregnant in a Pandemic (PiP) Study: Helping pregnant women adhere to behavioural restrictionsElizabeth Blackwell Institute Rapid Response Call (COVID-19). £4,797.

January 2020

Finn, A. (PI) Clostridioides Difficile infection: burden of disease in Adults: a low-interventional, active surveillance study in Bristol, England. Pfizer. £372,916 (Jan 2020 – Nov 2021) PI

Caroline Taylor: 2020- 2025 (60 months). PEAR: Pregnancy, the Environment And nutRition: a mixed methods. Improving the diet of pregnant women. £1,190,296. MRC Fellowship, Research Fellow: Caroline Taylor.

Toity Deave, Professor Candy McCabe (PI) and Dr Nicky Cotterill, (all UWE) have been granted £49,571 from the CRN West of England to build capacity in early career researchers in nursing and midwifery. This will fund 3 interns for 12 months and they have applied for one within the Children's Hospital, one in NBT and one in Bath, each supported by one of them over that period. 

Julie Mytton: NIHR Global Health Research Group on Nepal Injury Research Extension Award. £499,637. 2020-2021. NIHR Global Health Research Programme

November 2019 

Anna Pease will be conducting a National Child Safeguarding Practice Systematic Literature Review into Sudden Unexplained Death of Infants (SUDI) in families where the children are considered to be at risk of significant harm. The team members are Dr Anna Pease PI, Prof Peter Fleming PI,Prof Peter Blair, Prof Debbie Watson (at the school of Policy Studies UoB ),Dr Joanna Garstang at U of Warwick ,Dr Cathy Ellis at U of Newcastle. Total grant £24,357. 

October 2019

John Templeton Foundation.  Religious belief, health and disease: a family perspective.  I. Data collection.  PI. Jean Golding.  2019-2021, USD 234,800. 

September 2019 

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Programme: £149,000. Measuring Health in Children with CFS/ME: Refinement, application and evaluation of new PROM (PEACH) in routine practice. Esther Crawley and Roxanne Parslow. February 2020-2022

NIHR. Applied Research Collaborations West. £8,999,999. PI John Macleod and Esther Crawley. Theme lead for Child health. Oct 2019 – 2024 

British Burns Association (BBA SafeTea- a multimedia campaign to prevent scalds to young children from hot drinks. £12,169 ) A Emond, A Kemp, V Bennett.   2019-2020. 

Sands Research Fund, Development of a core outcomes set and identification of outcome measurement tools to improve care and research after stillbirth and neonatal death. £39,954.68, Bakhbakhi D, Burden C, Odd D, Fraser A, Siassakos, D, Hinton M, Lynch M, Merriel A, Timlin L, Davies A, Duffy J, Webbe J, Mullin S (2019)

July 2019

NIHR RfPB. CoolCuddle” study: Do parents cuddling babies undergoing cooling therapy for hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) affect the cooling process or intensive care? Refinement and evaluation of an intervention protocol. £149,000. E. Chakkarapani, J. Ingram, D. Odd, M. Thoresen, P. Fleming, P. Blair.

Early career research grant "Human Milk: Bodies, Boundaries and Barriers", Bioethics, Biolaw & Biosociety Research Strand of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, University of Bristol. £2000. Roxanne Parslow, Anna Pease, Suzanne Doyle Guilloud.

June 2019

Open Data Institute and the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International. Value of Data Governance. $25,000. July to December 2019. Felix Ritchie, Damian Whittard, Julie Mytton, Peter Case, Sara Stevano, Susan Newman, Lotta Takala-Greenish and Jonathan Nyengam

May 2019

Above & Beyond, National Child Death Registry Pilot Work. £49,769.00. April 2019 to October 2020. Peter Fleming & Peter Blair.

NIHR RfPB. Feasibility study for a randomized controlled trial comparing early prescription of near vision glasses against current standard of care for infants with perinatal brain injury. £249,905 Start 1/7/2019 for 24 months. PI Richard Bowman, Co-app Cathy Williams

National Eye Research Centre (NERC). Can handheld optical coherence tomography improve risk prediction for ROP? £69,748.46. Start 1/8/19 for 3 years. PI Prof I Gottlob (Univ of Leicester), co-app Cathy Williams
National Eye Research Centre (NERC). Is there a causal association between insulin signalling and myopia pathogenesis? £69,039. Start 1/10/19 for 3 years. PI Ms Denize Atan, co-apps Cathy Williams

February 2019

British Heart Foundation Career Re-Entry Research Fellowship, Childhood diet qualirt and cardiometabolic outcomes in ALSPAC. £172,563 - 01/05/2019 until 30/04/2023 G Buckland


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