Year 1

Human Basis of Medicine course and Primary / Secondary Interface

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Primary care contributes to year one through an introductory lecture and tutorial followed by eight consecutive afternoon sessions in General Practice.  We also play a key role in the Whole Person Care element of the Human Basis of Medicine Unit


To gain appreciation of the scope and nature of primary health care through meeting health care professionals and patients


By the end of your attachment you should have:

  • Made home visits and listened to and reflected upon patients' illness stories and health care.  Your understanding and interpretation will be assessed in your assignment.
  • Observed the GP consult with a variety of patients and have some understanding of the skills that contribute to good verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Applied theoretical learning from other Human Basis of Medicine elements and from this handbook to clinical practice

See Blackboard for a collection of inspiring student assignments and creative pieces (art, poetry, song, dance).

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Academic: Dr Sarah Jahfar
Administrator: Alison Capey

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