Global health

Current projects

  • UK-China AMR Hub: Strategies to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance in China. Lambert H, Hickman M, Yardley L, Cabral C, Yao L, Tarrant C, Oliver I, MacGowan A, Little P, Stuart B, Shi L, Fu C, Wang D et al. Funder: Medical Research Council (MRC) led Newton Fund (2019-2022)
  • Healthcare responding to violence and abuse (HERA). Bacchus L, Lambert H, Colombini M, Evans M, Lewis N, Knipe D, d'Oliviera AF, Schraiber L, Pun KD, Koju R, Rishal P, Shaheen A, Alkaiyat A, Rajapakse T, Garcia-Morena C, Feder G. Funder: NIHR Global Health Research (2018-2021)
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