Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trial of Collaborative Care for Depression

Depression causes substantial disability and is set to become the second largest cause of disease burden by 2020. There is evidence for the effectiveness of both pharmacological and talking treatments, yet only one in four depressed people receive pharmacological treatment and less than 10% a talking therapy. ‘Collaborative care’ is a systems-level intervention to improve the treatment of depression in primary care. It has a strong American evidence base but there are no definitive UK trials. Having developed and pilot tested a UK collaborative care protocol using the MRC’s complex interventions framework, we have funding from the MRC to undertake this Phase III definitive trial.

CADET is a multicentre RCT of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of collaborative care for depression in primary care. The trial was led by Professor Dave Richards of Exeter and has now finished recruiting. We expect publication of results soon.

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