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‘A Picture of Health’ competition winners on display at Beacon House

11 May 2017

Two images by researchers at the Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC) have been selected for display as part of the University of Bristol’s ‘A Picture of Health’ exhibition at Beacon House.

The exhibition is the culmination of a project designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between academics working on health-related projects and to showcase the diversity of University’s health research to the wider public.

Staff were asked to represent their research or research interests with a single image inspired by a series of six themes:

  • growing up and growing older
  • care and caring
  • consumption
  • green
  • conflict
  • and wellbeing. 

There were 70 entries from eight departments across the University.

The winning CAPC research-related images were selected to represent the categories ‘Growing up and growing older’ (Image title: 'For the love of the game') and ‘Care and caring’ (Image title: 'The Wounded Healer') in the exhibition. See images below.

The Picture of Health project was co-ordinated by Dr Beki Langford and Dr Micky Willmott, both of the Centre for Public Health in the School of Social and Community Medicine. It was funded by the University of Bristol’s research staff development fund.

All the winning images can be viewed on the A Picture of Health website.

'For the love of the game'

Image credit: Dr Melanie Chalder, Centre for Academic Primary Care, School of Social and Community Medicine, in collaboration with Barbara Crowther (The Southville Centre)

About the image:

A local schoolboy joins the Sporting Memories Club at the Southville Centre to look at cricket and football memorabilia.  Taken by one of the Southville Centre’s staff, Barbara Crowther, this image shows how a shared interest – in this case, sport – can bring young and older people together.

'The Wounded Healer'

Image credit: Dr Ruth Riley and Dr Johanna Spiers, formerly Centre for Academic Primary Care, School of Social and Community Medicine in collaboration with Viv Gordon (artist) and Carl Simpson (photographer).

About the image:

Doctors are trained to offer care to their patients and are socialised to be invulnerable 24/7. But who cares for the carers and why do doctors not take better care of themselves? The Hippocratic oath states ‘Do no harm to patients’ yet doctors often harm themselves during their day-to-day work, often resulting in mental and physical illness. Compassionate organisations, better self-care, stepping outside the doctor role, recognising your vulnerability, seeking support and connecting with others offer some solutions.

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