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Public invited to get involved in dementia research in the West

8 February 2015

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol and the West of England are inviting members of the public to meet with expert scientists, find out about dementia research in the West, and help make that research better.

The event, co-ordinated by Dr Sam Creavin at the University of Bristol and Dr Sarah Voss from the University of the West of England, has been organised to help researchers understand what the key issues around dementia are and the areas that would most help patients and families.

Dr Sarah Voss said: “It can be difficult to engage with patients and carers for dementia research for a number of reasons including the progression and burden of the illness. The aim of the event is that we engage with the public who are affected in some way by dementia – for example, they may know someone with the illness or are worried that they might develop it – in order to inform, direct and shape ongoing and future research.

“At the event, leading scientists from the West of England and Wales will give ten-minute talks about their research and then take questions. Members of the public may be asked for their opinion on the research, and will have the opportunity to sign up to hear more about on-going studies in the region.”

Dr Sam Creavin, a research fellow from Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care, added: “Researchers need advice and input from patients, carers, and interested members of the public to help understand what the main issues are. They also need advice to make research work, to make it easy to take part, and to help get their message out. This is called ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ (PPI) in research.

“Most scientists will not be looking to recruit people to their studies at the event, but members of the public will be able to make contact and may be able to sign up to take part in studies at a later date.”

The event is open to anyone with an interest in dementia and is being held at UWE’s Exhibition and Conference Centre on Tuesday 31 March from 12 noon to 4 pm. It is free of charge but booking is required – tickets are available online or by calling Clive on tel 0117 414 7531. Lunch will be provided.

Tickets for the event are available online through Eventbrite:

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