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Antibiotic resistance research: new video now available

"Our research will help policy makers, patients, GPs and nurses in primary care improve their use of antibiotics" -- Prof Alastair Hay, Centre for Academic Primary Care

24 November 2014

A new video has been uploaded to the Centre for Academic Primary Care's YouTube channel. Professor Alastair Hay and his colleagues give us an overview of their research into antimicrobial resistance.

The research will help GPs and other health professionals improve the use of antibiotics in primary care.

Prof Hay's group at the CAPC is involved in 15 projects including 9 clinical trials which have recruited more than 20,000 patients.

The group's long-term goals are to identify:

  • which are the patients who are most likely to benefit from antibiotics
  • which are the patients from whom antibiotics can be safely withheld
  • which treatments will help patients get over the worst of their symptoms without antibiotics.

To see the video, please go to the CAPC's YouTube channel or click the video below.

Further information

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