The Centre for Science and Philosophy has a broad range of research published in top-class journals.

For more information about our research have a look at the profiles of the members of the Centre.

Some of our specialities are the following:

Bristol ranked amongst the best in the world in Centre for Science and Philosophy areas

The Philosophical Gourmet Report (2021-22) ranked Bristol among the top places in the English speaking world for graduate study in . The department was ranked first (or joint first) in the UK for Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Biology, and General Philosophy of Science. Overall the department was ranked 8-10 in UK and 45-50 worldwide.


UK ranking

Worldwide ranking

Philosophy of Biology

1-2 in UK

6-10 worldwide

General Philosophy of Science

1-2 in UK

5-10 worldwide

Mathematical Logic

2-3 in UK

10-19 worldwide

Decision, Rational Choice, & Game Theory

2-3 in UK

5-9 worldwide

Philosophy of Physics

4 in UK

11-14 worldwide

Philosophical Logic

3 in UK

12-26 worldwide

Philosophy of Mathematics

3-4 in UK

15-33 worldwide

Philosophy of Social Sciences

Top 5 in UK

Top 30 worldwide


4-10 in UK

21-51 worldwide


5-9 in UK

25-42 worldwide

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