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28 November 2011

An update for staff from the Vice-Chancellor with regard to the ‘discover more’ campaign.

I wanted to update colleagues with regard to an awareness raising exercise that the University has just begun. 

The ‘discover more’ campaign has been designed to raise awareness of the University at the time when potential undergraduate students will be making their final choices about where to study. It is important that prospective students know that, due to the deregulation of student numbers at AAB and above, there are now additional places available in some areas at our university.

The campaign consists of a number of activities and includes a limited number of targeted advertisements, the first of which some of you may have seen on page 30 in yesterday’s Observer magazine. 

In creating the campaign, it has been important that the academic quality and standing of the University are not undermined. This, I believe, has been done well. The design of the advertisement incorporates QR code which directs you to a new set of web pages created specifically for the campaign. The incorporation of QR code directly into a hieroglyphic in an advertisement may be, we believe, the first time this has been done. For those without QR code readers, the advertisement also displays the following web link:

More activity will follow, including an advertisement in the Guardian and Times Higher this week, as well as outdoor advertising at Paddington and Birmingham New Street Stations.

Raising awareness in this way is a new and important step for the University. Most importantly, what the campaign seeks to do is reinforce externally the many strengths of our Institution in a professional manner.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact David Alder, our Director of Communications and Marketing, email

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