St Pauls Church Organ Scholarship

Information for candidates

Through the generosity of the Church of St Paul's, Clifton, it has been possible to establish an Organ Scholarship, tenable at St Paul's and open to all students, not necessarily those intending to read for a degree in Music.

A Scholarship will be awarded bi-annually and the award will be made irrespective of the religious convictions of the candidate. The award, which will be renewable annually (normally for a maximum of three years), will be about £1050 per annum. Renewal will be conditional on satisfactory academic progress and on the efficient performance of the duties listed below.

Method of application

Candidates for the Scholarships should apply for University entrance through the normal UCAS channels.

In addition, you should complete a Scholarship application.

Application forms are available from the Department of Music:

Telephone: +44 (0)117 331 4044


Normally the Parish Communion on Sunday mornings calls for Organ and Choir (with Anthem and Communion Motet) and there will be some services during the academic year of a predominantly Choral nature, including several evensongs. St Paul's has a number of families with children in its membership and has one morning service per month for all-ages together, using appropriate styles of music and liturgy. There is also considerable opportunity for initiating other musical events. The Scholar's duties consist of:

  1. Taking part with the clergy in planning the services within the overall strategy of the Church; producing at the 10.30am Sunday morning Eucharist the music that has been previously agreed with the Vicar; working with the Vicar and planning team to provide appropriate music for the monthly 10.30am all-age Eucharist. There will also be two choral evening services a term. The scholar will officiate at such other Festival and special services as occur from time to time. Additional fees are payable for playing at weddings and funerals.
  2. Recruiting a choir and taking a weekly choir practice.
  3. Generally fostering the musical life of the Church through occasional performances, recitals, congregational practices, visits to Cathedrals with the choir, arranging concerts and so on. This provides opportunities for the major traditional choral music which is inappropriate in the Sunday worship of a Parish church.

Details of tenure

During the first year the Scholar will be the Junior Scholar working under the direction of and in collaboration with the Senior Scholar. In the second year he or she will have sole responsibility. In the third year, while retaining overall responsibility, he or she will have the assistance of the Junior Scholar.

The Scholar's duties will continue through the University terms and for the first and last Sundays of each vacation. On other Sundays the Church will accept responsibility for finding locums, or may arrange remuneration for vacation duties with the scholar.

Should the Scholar at any time be unable to carry out the duties for any reason, the Vicar of St Paul's should immediately be informed.

The organ and choir

There is a good two-manual, draw-stop pipe organ at St Paul's which was completely rebuilt in 1975 by Messrs Daniel of Clevedon.  The church has recently purchased a fine Bechstein grand piano.

The choir is a voluntary body made up of about twenty members, predominantly students from the Music and other departments of the University. The Church possesses a library of Service music and anthems and there is an annual budget for the purchase of new music.

Organs at the University

Prospective scholars will be interested in the following information about the four organs that are available at the University:

  • the Recital Room at the Music Department houses a fine, mechanical action 13-stop chamber organ, with two manuals and pedals, built by William Drake (1996).
  • the Auditorium at the Music Department houses a new three manual and pedal digital organ from the Veritas Organ Company, generously donated by its designer Graham Blyth (2011).
  • the University Great Hall in the Wills Memorial Building has a large three manual (four divisions) and pedal organ; it was built by Nicholsons in the 1960s but has since been modified and maintained by Harrisons of Durham.
  • the Chapel of Wills Hall recently acquired a beautiful two manual and pedal, mechanical action organ by Peter Collins.

Clearly, as an organ scholar, you will have free and regular access to the instrument in the church with which you are associated, but subject to the availability of rooms, every effort will be made to provide further practice facilities on the University organs listed above. Scholars who are Music students will of course have appropriate practice time for degree recitals at the University.

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