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Experts in 'protein'

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  Professor Ian Collinson
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: The theme of the research group I lead, concerns the underlying mechanisms of protein secretion and membrane protein insertion....
Keywords: protein | protein secretion | membrane protein insertion | protein translocation reaction | membrane proteins | biophysics
  Professor Stuart Mundell
Post(s): Professor in Cellular Pharmacology, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), one of the largest protein families in the human genome, are the most tractable set...
Keywords: G protein-coupled receptors | protein | regulatory mechanisms | G protein-coupled receptor traffic | signalling pathways | receptor movement | receptor function
  Professor Nigel Savery
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Transcription and DNA repair. Genomes are replicated, repaired, modified and transcribed by a diverse range of protein:protein...
Keywords: transcription | DNA repair | DNA | genomes | protein | genes
  Dr Richard Sessions
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Molecular Modelling in Biochemistry. Molecular modelling is a very useful tool in the design and interpretation of experiments....
Keywords: molecular modelling | bioinformatics | homology modelling | drug design | protein | protein structure prediction
  Professor Mark Szczelkun
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Mechanism, control and diversity of molecular motors on DNA. Many genetic processes require the action of large protein...
Keywords: molecular motors | DNA | genetic processes | protein | ATP hydrolysis | cleavage of DNA | restriction enzymes | repair of DNA
  Professor Dek Woolfson
Post(s): Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: The primary basic research interest of the group is the informational aspect of the protein-folding problem; that is, how...
Keywords: bionanotechnology | protein design | protein-folding problem | protein | bioinformatics | protein sequence | protein design