Reserving books and journals

Books and journals can only be reserved if they are on loan and there are no copies of the same loan status available on the shelf. 

When a book is on loan you will need to reserve it via Library Search because items are now renewed automatically unless requested.

Select a copy of the book you want to reserve. Your hold request will prevent the item from being automatically renewed. The person that has it on loan will be notified and will need to return it to the Library within one day/seven days depending on the loan status of the item. This means that you have reserved a specific copy of the book that will be held for you once it is returned.

If there are multiple copies of a particular book, there may be occasions when one or more of these is returned earlier than the one you selected when you made your reservation. If there are no other requests these will be re-shelved. When the copy that you have reserved is returned you will be notified and it will be placed on the hold shelf for you to collect.

Once a reservation has been placed on an item it will no longer be automatically renewed and fines will be incurred if it is returned late.

You can make a reservation online:

  1. Use Library Search to see if the item you want is on loan (see if there is a date displayed in the due date column in the Locations/Availability tab).
  2. Select 'Reserve' and follow the instructions.
  3. An email notice will be sent to you when the book is available.

Checking your reservation

You can check your reservation using My Library Account.

Where there is more than one copy of a particular book you can check to see if any have been returned earlier that the item you have reserved via Library Search.

You may then collect a copy from the open shelves and cancel your item specific reservation.

Collecting your reservation

  • Seven day loans will be available for you to collect for seven working days. 1 day loans will be kept for one working day
  • You must collect the book from the reservation area of the library where it is usually held.
  • You must issue the book to your library account via a self-service kiosk
  • Users with difficulties accessing library resources (including part-time, distance & placement users) may contact Library Support to use the Library Support postal loan service.
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