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Although the Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences is based in the School for Policy Studies, the topics it is concerned with are frequently of a medical or scientific nature and so you may find resources of interest in a number of our University libraries. The Arts and Social Sciences Library holds much relevant material, with many of the core works being found at classmarks RA, RC, RJ, RM and TX.

The Medical Library will also have resources on nutrition, diet, physical activity and community health. Use Library Search to find the classmark for an item, and to search for books and other materials.

  • Past exam papers: available for photocopying
  • PhD theses: ask at the ground floor Information Desk for access

Digital resources

Exercise, nutrition and health databases

Additional resources

Sage Research Methods - Learn about research methods including writing research questions, literature reviews, analysing data and writing up findings. 

British Nutrition Foundation - This British Nutrition Foundation website provides healthy eating information, access to nutrition bulletins and briefing papers, resources for schools, news items, recipes and details of the work the BNF undertakes around the UK/EU.

Medical Research Council - nutrition and obesity research - details of the high quality research, funded by the Medical Research Council and its partners concerning diet, nutrtion and obesity. The MRC International Nutrition Group reseaches in 4 key areas including early growth and development,nutritional genetics, iron, infection and anaemia and calciium, vitamin D and bone health. The group works in the Gambia and details of its publications are available from the site.

World Health Organization European Office - Nutrition - aims to combat disease associated with poor nutrition. The site includes details of activities, research publications, data and statistics, current international news on nutrition and public health and policy, including the European Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2015-2020 The website also includes country profiles on nutrition, physical activity and obesity for the 53 European member states. There are also web pages on Obesity

American Society for Nutrition - an organisation whose aim is to bring together the world's top researchers, clinical nutritionists and industry to advance knowledge on nutrition to improve the lives of both humans and animals. The Society published a number of specialist journals and also gives details of international nutrition events and conferences.

Sportscience - This peer-reviewed site provides news and resources for research on sport, exercise, and physical performance. The main feature of the site is the journal Sportscience. Articles are published in four categories: News & Comment, Perspectives, Reviews, and Original Research.

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity - An open access journal whose aim is to further the understanding of the behavioural aspects of diet and physical activity.

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