About the group

Geophysics uses physical properties of the solid Earth to measure structure and processes on scales from the single crystal to the entire planet.  The Geophysics group at the University of Bristol has grown rapidly in the past 10 years and is now one of the largest in Europe.  Our research covers pure and applied geophysics, with connections to mineral physics, geodynamics, planetary sciences, volcanology and engineering. 

We have strong links to the VolcanologyPetrology and Geochemistry research groups in the School of Earth Sciences, as well as Bristol University’s Cabot Institutethe Planet Formation Group and the Interface Analysis Centre in the School of Physics, and the Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering research group in Civil Engineering.

The geophysics group has led field experiments on most continents in a range of geologic settings, and in some of the harshest environments on Earth.  These experiments have provided insights into the Earth’s deep interior, from the crust to the core, but also as to how it has evolved over geologic time. 

We have strong ties with industry, with research interests in mining, oil and gas, and water resources.  The group tackles fundamental research problems through a number of joint industry projects and EU networks.  A particular focus is in the general area of energy resources, where we work on areas such as geothermal energy, COsequestration, unconventional oil and gas.  We own and operate a wide breadth of geophysics equipment, which enhances our research and teaching.

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