Current academic staff

Professor Juliet Biggs
My research focusses on using satellite data to study ground deformation and topographic changes due to volcanic, magmatic, anthropogenic and tectonic processes. I work closely with volcano observatories and space agencies to improve the availability and uptake of satellite data for volcano monitoring. I am developing machine learning approaches to manage very large datasets  with applications to global volcano monitoring and  detecting more localised deformation in the UK. I have worked extensively on the tectonics of the East African Rift, from the fault systems of Malawi to the magmatic systems of Ethiopia and Kenya. 

Dr Ophelia George
I provide technical support to the geophysics research group in preparation of field projects as well as handle some of the preprocessing and archiving of the data from said fieldwork.

Professor Joachim Gottsmann
My research focuses on volcanoes and their behaviour. I combine geophysical field research with mathematical modelling to study processes in magmatic and hydrothermal systems that underpin pre-eruptive volcanic activity.  
Dr Jessica Irving
My research focuses on the use of seismic techniques to understand the structure and properties of the deep Earth, and the interiors of other planetary bodies in our solar system. I use both low and high frequency seismic signals to investigate long- and short-scale structures within the mantle and core, employing both traditional seismometers and ocean-roaming seismic instruments. I am also interested in how seismology can provide insights into our environment and human behaviour.
Professor Heidy Mader
My research focuses broadly on multiphase flow processes during volcanic eruptions. A particular long-standing interest of my group is in 'multiphase rheology', where we seek to quantify how adding bubbles and particles to a melt affects its viscosity. We use a range of experimental and numerical methods to study both 'analogue' (i.e. non-magmatic) and natural magma samples from a wide range of volcanoes around the world.
Dr Nick Teanby, Research Group Leader
My research focuses on the atmospheres and interiors of planets in our solar system, primarily using infra-red spectroscopic observations from spacecraft missions and ground-based telescopes.

Dr James Verdon

Dr Max Werner
Here's some verbage: My research focuses on tectonic and human-induced earthquakes, their seismic hazards and disaster resilience. I use seismology, statistics, numerical modelling and machine learning to study and forecast earthquake potential.

Professor James Wookey


Current postdoctoral researchers

Simon Lock

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