Software (LEMMA 3)

Lemma logo We will continue to develop MLwiN and to offer MLwiN free to UK academics. In the e-STAT system we will build templates to facilitate all stages of LDA in a range of software packages. Templates will be written not only for model specification and estimation, but also for data preparation and post-estimation predictions to aid interpretation of the fitted model.

Free MLwiN software for UK academics

An unrestricted version of the MLwiN software continues to be freely available to UK academics.

REALCOM and REALCOM-Impute software

Further details…

e-Stat software system

We are developing an integrated software infrastructure (in collaboration with the sister Digital Social Research nodes). Developments include:

The model templates allow the user to input details of their model and dataset and the system then creates a situation specific estimation engine that runs their model and outputs parameter chains from which parameter estimates can be constructed. See the e-Stat project for further details.

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