e-Stat people

Digital Social Research programme logoUniversity of Bristol

Prof William Browne - photo Professor William Browne (Node Director)

Bruce Cameron - photo Mr Bruce Cameron (Software engineering consultant)

Mr Chris Charlton (Software engineering)

Prof Harvey Goldstein - photo Professor Harvey Goldstein (Statistical methodology)

Dr George Leckie - photo Dr George Leckie (Leading on segregation project)

Dr Richard ‌Parker (Statistical modelling post-doctorate)

Toni Price Ms Toni Price (PhD student)

Camille Szmaragd Dr Camille Szmaragd (Statistical modelling post-doctorate)

Mary Takahama Mrs Mary Takahama (Node administrator)

 Dr Zhengzheng Zhang (Statistical modelling post-doctorate)

University of Southampton

Dave Deroure - photo Professor Dave De Roure (co-Director)

Danius Michaelides Dr Danius Michaelides (Software Engineering)

Huanjia Yang Dr Huanjia Yang (Software Engineering)

Institute of Education

Jihn (mac) MacDonald Professor John (Mac) MacDonald (Leading on integrating with NCRM ADMIN node)

University of Manchester

Prof Ian Plewis - photo Professor Ian Plewis (Leading on ESDS feasibility study)

Dr Mark Tramner - photo Dr Mark Tranmer (Leading on Social Networks topic)

Pierre Walthery Mr Pierre Walthery (ESDS feasibility study)

University of Stirling

Dr Paul Lambert - photo Dr Paul Lambert (Leading on integration with DAMES node)

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