What's happening in Senate House

Changes in Campus Heart - we've been busy this summer 
We’re building a new food court, Bristol SU café/bar and a new information point in the centre of campus.  To get your new Student Hub up and running as soon as possible, the building will be open while the work continues on the lower floors. 

The Bristol SU Living Room and study seats will be available on L4 and the PGR Hub is on L2. The information point, the Student Visa Office and the Income Office and Credit Control have moved to 5 Tyndall Avenue. Please bear with us while we create this exciting new space at the heart of our community.

We'll post regular updates on our newsfeed too, and aim to keep you informed about what’s happening when. 

What's happened to student services
As the building is being transformed, Senate House will reopen Monday 23 September 2019.  

Where can I find... From September 2019 to June 2020
Information Point


Ground Floor, 5 Tyndall Avenue 
Student Visa / Funding Office


Ground Floor, 5 Tyndall Avenue 
Income Office and Credit Control   Ground Floor, 5 Tyndall Avenue 


L2 in Senate House
Bristol SU Living Room


L4 in Senate House 
Study Seats   L4 Senate House from 23 September 2019

Woodland Road, pavement closure - until Summer 2020
To maximise pedestrian safety as traffic moves onto and offsite, and to avoid removing trees and part of the hedgerow, a section of pavement on Woodland Road (in front of the courtyard) closed in tandem with the St Michael’s Park road closure - the closures will remain until Summer 2020.

A traffic light-controlled crossing provides a safe route for pedestrians to cross Woodland Road and use the pavement adjacent to the Hawthorns. The existing zebra crossing at the Woodland Road / Elton Road / Tyndall Avenue junction will stay open throughout.

Temporary closure of St Michael’s Park

Work has started in Senate House to build the new two-storey food court. To maximise safety and minimise the impact of the Senate House construction work and site traffic on Woodland Road, the end of St Michael’s Park has closed to vehicles from the rear of Senate House to Woodland Road.

This section of the road
 will remain closed until the build is complete, next Summer 2020. 

Vehicles can still use the road as far as Senate House and can access Osborne Villas and the University Day Nursery via St Michael’s Hill. Pedestrians will have full access.

For further information visit Campus Heart, and if you have questions please email campus-heart@bristol.ac.uk

Where can I find out more?

At every stage we will try to keep you informed about noise and disruption, so you know what’s happening when and where.

Regular updates will be posted on the newsfeed, in and around Senate House and via Faculties, Schools and on channels like the Portal and on the Your Bristol blog.

If you have any feedback or concerns please get in touch by emailing campus-heart@bristol.ac.uk.

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