BILT Student Fellows

BILT engages a team of Student Fellows on an annual basis to work on specific project themes.

In conjunction with their projects the Student Fellows publish blog posts and podcasts throughout the year and their individual styles shine through, you can find them all in the BILT blog category Student Voice and the BILT Broadcast.

The Student Research Journala BILT Student Fellow initiative, was launched in 2019 and there are now 3 Issues available to read online. Seeing the enthusiasm of contributors to the Student Research Journal, the BILT Student Fellows wanted to provide another opportunity for students to showcase their research, so they launched the Student Research Festival, an online event which has run for two years.

Ongoing activities and project outputs

Over the years the Student Fellows have produce a number of project outputs, including (but in no way limited to):

Meet the Student Fellows in their introductory blog posts, Meet the BILT Community.

Link opens Issue 3 of the Student Research Journal. Project themes for 22/23

Embedding sustainable development into the curriculum.

Research-rich teaching, learning and assessment.

Decolonising the curriculum.

Active and authentic teaching, learning and assessment activities.

Student belonging and wellbeing in the curricula.

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