WUN research

WUN supports a diverse range of activities across the disciplines, establishing international research groups by providing resources, contacts and advice. If you would like to get involved in a WUN collaboration or if you have a project or idea which might be able to make use of the WUN network, please contact Dr Susan Jim.

In the broad domain of sustainable development WUN organises its research initiatives under four thematically-related Global Challenges:

Bristol co-leads (through PARC Director Professor Isabella Aboderin) with University of Cape Town in the following special interest group

Active Bristol WUN ProjectsLead PI

Gendering Public Health - Women's Leadership in the context of COVID-19

Prof Roberta Guerrina

Exploring the changing social networks of low-income migrants in post-COVID cities: Implications for community-based health infrastructure

Dr Yiming Wang

Innovating the mathematics curriculum in times of change: towards local and global relevance 

Dr Alf Coles

Capability wellbeing and COVID-19: general population surveys in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands

Dr Paul Mitchell

Smallholder Dairy Cooperatives in Addressing Sustainable Development Goals in ODA Countries

Professor John Tarlton

Memorials to people who have died and to those missing during migration

Ms Ann Singleton
Migration, Development and Global Transformations Ms Ann Singleton
Global Farm Platforms for Optimisation of Grazing Livestock Production Systems Professor Mark Eisler
Professor Michael Lee