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WUN welcomes new member University College Dublin

19 December 2017

University College Dublin (founded in 1854) has flourished over the past 160 years, making a substantial contribution to the creation of modern Ireland. UCD is one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities, currently ranked within the top 1% of institutions world-wide and home to 27,000 Ireland-based students drawn from over 120 countries, together with a further 5,500 students based abroad.

With 400 partner universities for student exchange, UCD's extensive global study opportunities are taken up by 18% of undergraduates – the highest of any Irish university.

UCD faculty engage in international research collaborations, sharing and contributing to a global bank of knowledge that aims to impact on society. In order to further expand this global engagement, UCD has developed a network of UCD Global Centres, each of which provides a hub of research and education connections for students, faculty, alumni and partners. 

In line with WUN's priorities, UCD excels in research in the areas of education, health, climate change and migration. ‘The pressing need to reshape how humanitarian action and development aid is undertaken in urban areas to address the challenge posed by urban vulnerability’ is a key area of focus for UCD. Research test-bed sites in Africa, Asia and Latin America add to the potentially broad utility and transferability of the findings global.

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